Friday, May 06, 2011

Gnome 3 Themes | How to install Gnome 3 Gtk 3 and shell themes?

How to install Gnome 3 Gtk 3 and shell themes?

Download Atolm Theme

Click here to download some Best Shell themes

Try my vignesh shell theme

Click here for GTK 3 themes

To install the theme, extract it and copy the Atolm-gtk3 folder to /usr/share/themes/
then use GNOME Tweak Tool to change the GTK theme.

 To install Atolm Mutter theme (for GNOME Shell)
  1. press ALT + F2, enter "gconf-editor"
  2. or sudo gconf-editor
  3. navigate to desktop > gnome > shell > windows 
  4. change the "theme" value to "Atolm-gtk3".
  5. Please note that it's no longer required to copy the theme to ~/.themes/ too for the Mutter theme to work (tested on Fedora 15 and ubuntu natty 11.04 with all the packages up to date).
  6. After changing the Mutter theme, remember to reload Gnome Shell (ALT + F2 and enter "r") or log out.


  1. Thanks ..
    good job

  2. What happens if there is no 'shell' folder in the 'gnome' folder?

  3. I've downloaded the Drakfire Caffe GTK3 pack. I followed these steps but only the metacity it's changing. The gtk theme stays the same (Adwaita). That's a shame, i really liked the brownish colors..

  4. Thank you, this worked really well :-) I now have a great looking linux mint desktop :P

  5. If I don't want to download it; Do you have any way?

  6. Are you smoking crack with all those hazard signs? Really difficult to read, distracting.